Know Your Silk

You just paid a huge cheque and are still wondering what you bought is genuine silk or not?Well, here are a few indications:

If you have paid a high price, it is proof enough to authenticate your silk product. Pure silk is more often than not ten times more expensive than its synthetic counterpart. However if you still have doubts try the next test.

The softness of the fabric will speak for itself. Apart from this, genuine silk will feel warm on rubbing which is not so incase of art silk.

Genuine silk has a lustre to it which changes as the angle of light falling on it changes. In case of art silk there is a white shine no matter what the angle of light is.

Minor variations
Each piece of hand woven silk will have slight variations and minor imperfections which give individuality and character to each piece.

Burn test
If you are still not convinced you can try the burn test. Take a strand of loose thread from the fabric, hold it by a tweezer and burn it. If it smells like burnt hair there is your piece of true silk. The ash produced will be black, crisp and brittle.

Now that you have all the right indicators, go ahead and own that piece of real silk.