Taking care of your Silk

Just like we feel pampered wearing that piece of silk, I feel obliged to pamper my silk in return.

Silk is a soft and delicate material and therefore it goes without saying that it needs special care just like all delicate things.

In most cases it is advised to leave the wash and care of your fabric to the experts i.e, get it dry cleaned. However if you wish to or need to wash it yourself, you will need to take certain precautions.

Steps to wash your silk scarf:

  • Make sure you wash ur silk separately and not along with your other clothings. As silk is delicate you run the risk of ruining it if it gets pulled and stretched by other fabrics. At the same time you even run the risk of damaging your other clothings if your silk runs colour which is quite often the case with vegetable dyes.
  • Hand wash your silk in cold water with a mild soap. Avoid machine wash or harsh detergents as your silk might loose its lustre and get damaged.
  • Avoid giving a strong wring rather roll the fabric in an obsorbent towel once or twice to remove excess moisture. You can also hang the fabric and let it air dry however avoid direct sunlight.
  • You can iron your silk when it's still moist at low temperature. Alternatively you can place a thin cotton fabric above your silk and iron over the cotton fabric in order to avoid burning the silk accidentally.

So take care of your silk and keep feeling pampered!