5 Reasons a Scarf makes a great Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and you are still wondering what to gift? We give you 5 great reasons why a lovely handcrafted scarf will make a great gift to remember:

Versatile Accessory

Scarves make a great accessory for women who love to be stylish from head right up to the toe nail. She is sure to use a scarf that will go with any of her looks – casual, smart, vintage, party, formal! Check out some amazing silk scarves from our collection.

Scarf a versatile accessory

Luxurious Everlasting piece of silk

Give her a piece of pure silk scarf that is a piece to keep forever. If you are so serious and are looking at a long-lasting relationship, a silk scarf will accompany you together.

You can find this lovely piece as part of our hand embroidered collection.

Luxurious Silk Scarf, hand made and embroidered 


Keep her warm

Scarf while remaining stylish will also keep her warm. You can be happy that she will not catch cold after your date night.  Occasionally, you can borrow it to keep you warm too :). We have plenty of woollen scarves and shawls too, check them out here

Scarf keeps you warm



A silk or cashmere scarf feels so soft and is almost like a second skin and invites a touch.

Sensual Scarf 



Scarves can protect you from cold, tie up her hair, tie it up to make some new fancy clothings, wear it at the beach like a sarong, have fun with blindfold games,

We have plenty of cotton scarves if you want to use it at the beach, have a look!


BlindFold using silk scaarf


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