Scarf Tutorial for a Christmassy Look

Casual Christmas look with a Shanasaa silk scarf


Christmas is coming soon and we are already attending Christmas lunches & dinners with work colleagues, friends and then there is the must do shopping trip with our friends. So, we came up with a completely effortless look for a shopping day out but still looking Christmassy.

I found this cute little Christmas Jumper at a high-street shop, matched that to a large bag to stack in most of my shopping (I hate asking for extra bags in stores) and an old pair of Levis. I picked my red pure silk Scarf that we had curated for Shanasaa that coordinates well with the rest of the ensemble.


I tried two different ways, first is to tie it like a belt. All you need to do is fold the scarf into a strip, and since this beautiful piece is rectangular and so soft it folds away easily. Pass it through the belt loops on your jean, tie a bow & voilà!

Silk Scarf Christmas Look 1:


Shanasaa Silk scarf Christmas look

The other way when you can’t be bothered to remove your jacket and you want to “show off” your scarf, just tie it up to your bag. This is a very classic style that I love completely.  


Silk Scarf Christmas Look 2:

Shanasaa Silk Scarf Christmas look, tie on a bag

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