Stylish Scarf Styling Tutorial

The scarf is one of the most versatile accessories that you should have in your wardrobe. There are so many numerous ways to tie them around. We have tried to show you some here. And you do not have to wait just for winters to tie a scarf, summer has its own styles!

We have listed some basic scarf tying techniques so that you can create new looks out of plain clothes! 

I have worn the "Citron Jaune" tussar silk scarf which is handwoven and a "La Rouge Tendance" woollen scarf that is hand painted and then embroidered all over, both available on our website! 

Enjoy our tutorial. Do share some of your ideas too with us. 

The Basic Tie Knot Scarf:

This is the easiest way of tying your scarf, teach it even to your husbands and partners ;) Even they can try this style. 


  1. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise.
  2. Wrap it around the neck, just half way down with the closed end one one side and let the open end dangle on the other side.
  3. Bring the open end through the closed loop and pull through into a knot, almost like a noose!


Basic Single Knot silk Scarf

The Belted Scarf:


  1. This is a style that I like quite a bit. It makes a very simple t-shirt dress quite unique.
  2. Hang the scarf around your neck, both sides hanging down & spread out the scarf.
  3. Take a thin belt, that coordinates well with your scarf and tie it around your waist over the scarf.
  4. Arrange it well as it suites you and voila! A new unique dress transformed from a plain t-shirt dress


Bel Tied Silk Scarf

The Turtle Neck


  1. It is quite a nice way to keep your neck warm without having to wear the turtle neck sweater.
  2. Hang the scarf around your neck with both sides hanging on either sides of your neck
  3. Now tie the scarf around by wrapping it around till there is no fabric left. Tuck the edge in and you have a turtle neck ready!



Turtle Neck Silk Scarf

The Triangular scarf

A large rectangular scarf can be transformed easily into a triangular shaped scarf

  1. Fold the scarf in half , and then fold it diagonally. It may not be a perfect triangle, but that is just fine, as long as you have a pointed edge which looks triangular.
  2. Tie the two loose ends together at the back and arrange the triangle in front of you to obtain a perfect triangular scarf.


Triangular Silk Scarf

    The False Infinity

    The infinity scarf can be bought off the shelf, or why don’t you create your very own infinity scarf? Just tie the two ends together and keep looping it around your neck and tie it like the infinity scarf.

    Inifinity Silk Scarf

    The Choker Knot

    Hold the two ends of the scarf, place the centre on your neck and let the two ends hang loose on either side of the neck at the back.
    Now bring both sides on opposite sides of the shoulder and bring them forward & tie it in a knot on the front.

      Backwards Choker SIlk Scarf

      The Backwards Choker

      Quite similar to the Choker Knot. Instead of bringing the sides forward into a knot, let them hang at the back. It is a great way of wearing the scarf backwards!


      Backwards Choker

      Front Dangling Choker

      Again quite like the Choker Knot, instead of tying up the knot, just let it hang loose on both sides in front.


      Dangling Choker Silk Scarf on Front side


      The Eight Knot

      1. The end result of this scarf technique should look like the number 8.
      2. Fold the scarf in half, lengthwise and loop in just like you did in the singe tie basic knot.
      3. Now, pull out one of the ends which is in the loop, and go over the loop sliding it through one of the rings which is empty. 
      4. Pull the sides and you will form the number 8.

      The Eight tie silk scarf


      The Shawl

      Ever felt the need to cover up your shoulders because it got slightly chilly, or you just want to hide your top? Then just wrap up the scarf like a shawl. If you have a nice designed scarf, then it could be the perfect way to show off your scarf.

      Wrap Shawl Woollen scarf


      One sided Scarf

      Another simple way to wrap your scarf up without covering entirely. 

      Hang the scarf around your neck and bring one side up towards the opposite shoulder. Spread the hanging side of the scarf and you can show your pretty designed scarf.

      One Sided Woollen Scarf


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