The incredible Jute, from the kitchen to fashion

Packaging in fashion can be such an exciting journey of discovery and creating a unique style for a brand. 



Jute packaging eco friendly

When we set out to define our packaging for our delicately fashioned handmade scarves, we came across so many options such as cardboard boxes, plastic pouches , linen, cotton. During our search we came across the humble jute fabric. I found this in my mother’s kitchen! She had just purchased some vegetables and our local vendor brought them in a jute bag. This is when the idea came up, that we could use a natural fabric like jute to pack our beautiful scarves.

Jute is eco-friendly & biodegradable which is derived from the...wait for it...jute plant. We were immediately drawn to its great quality of being a breathable fabric & at the same time incredible strong. This was perfect for us because we found a solution to create eco friendly packaging that would protect & help to store our scarves. Being breathable helps so much for prolonging the life of natural fabrics. We were never drawn to the idea of having a box packaging for all our scarves just because of the space it occupies & boxes tear! Plastics are a complete no to us. Eventually we were left with choices like cotton, canvas and linen or jute. Jute is fed on rain water with little need of fertilizers compared to cotton. Also, jute being much cheaper than cotton, we are able to control the costs of production, our vote eventually was unianimous. Jute.

We started to source our jute pouches from a local craftsman in India. He personalized to our needs to get the right fit and styling. Our scarves are delivered to you in these lovely jute pouches. We hope you will be able to store your scarves longer in these lovely bags. You could also re-use our jute pouches to store your makeup, jewellery, perfumes, medicines, paints, grains....

Do check out these beautiful and simple pouches on our website, they are not for sale. They are FREE!