Upcycling an Old Cotton scarf

DIY Scarf Upcycling


What do you do after wearing your scarves for many years ? If like me you had some nice pure cotton and linen cloths, chances are that they are still in great condition.

So, either you can gift it to your sister ;), or give it away in charity, the choice is yours. Or you could do something creative.

We recently moved into a new house (yay!) in London and it was unfurnished. I did need a lot of storage so I had a brilliant idea inspired from Pintrest!

I had so many cartons that we used for shifting and some old clothes which I had not yet donated. The creative side of me decided to upycle them as storage boxes similar to the ones we see at Ikea. Only that my boxes were personalized and more colourful and it was free!

For this I needed:

  1. Cartons or boxes
  2. Fabric (old dress/old scarf/ Old t-shirt)
  3. Glue gun or glue spray

All you need to do is cut of the flaps on the open side of the cardboard box

Cut the fabric to the size of the box, apply some glue and fold the cloth over it, as if you were wrapping your Christmas present. And that is it! You now have a beautiful box to be placed inside your shelf to hide away all your old wires.


Hope you enjoy upcycling your next product. Handmade is always good!