Our Story

Shanasaa was born out of my personal discovery of traditional Indian arts and weaving techniques while I was working on fashion assignment in India. I met some of the most inspiring artisans, weavers & designers who created beautiful artwork out of ecofriendly, handwoven fabrics. They are masters of this traditional craft of using organic Indian cotton, wool, cashmere and pure silk. A craft passed over generations of such artisans.

At Shanasaa we aspire to make these beautiful styles globally available. Each of our product has its own unique story to tell. We share its journey with you to promote local Indian artisans who use age old techniques to earn their livelihoods. This is our way of supporting the creative community of India, which is losing its market to bigger brands.

Being a citizen of the world, and having lived extensively in Europe, connecting to my Indian roots gave me the opportunity to have a fresh outlook to fashion. Giving this craft a global exposure not only benefits the livelihood of artisans dependent on their creativity, but also creates a wonderful fusion to European fashion sensibilities.


Nadia Aziz,